Ideas for TAW #2?


Use this thread to discuss ideas for a second edition of this carnival…

25 Responses to “Ideas for TAW #2?”

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  2. ChrisR Says:

    Some possiblities:

    – Annoying geological misconceptions (suggested by Lab Lemming, I recall)
    – Ways the Earth may kill us – natural disasters waiting to happen
    – My favourite geological locality

    I still quite like the ‘pick a region idea’, although we’d have to be careful that we’re not all just writing a general geology post…

    I’m happy to host, although perhaps others are more in need (and deserving) of a traffic boost.

  3. Kim Says:

    All of Chris (R!)’s ideas sound good to me.

    I would be willing to host, if the deadline could be Oct 7 (or so) instead of Oct 1 – I’ve got a bad grading weekend ahead of me, and (although I don’t talk about it on the blog) kid responsibilities that need to be addressed before blogging.

    I thought that someone (The Other 95%?) had offered to host, and the theme was going to be the intersection between geology and biology?

  4. ChrisR Says:

    He did, but I don’t think anybody responded – I couldn’t find an address to contact him with either.

    I thought it was a pretty good idea… if we could get enough people to commit to posts.

  5. BrianR Says:

    the annoying misconceptions might be kinda cool…could be an interesting way to provide geologic information

    Kevin Z is the author of The Other 95% … I ended up finding a ‘contact me’ page on his regular website, i’ll try and see if he still wants to do the intersection of rock and life theme

  6. kevin z Says:

    Hi guys,

    Thanks for getting ahold of me. I am still happy to host the intersection of rock and life theme. But I am hosting 2 carnivals (Carnival of the Spineless and Tangled Bank) in October. So November would be great for me!

    For me personally, geology matters enormously in studying biology. I research community ecology at hydrothermal vents. i am working on a chapter right now comparing communities associated with basalt versus andesite substrates and seeing clear cut differences. I would like to hear other peoples perspectives, especially those classically trained in geology, on the intersection of rock and life.

  7. BrianR Says:

    kevin…thanks….let’s wait until November then for the Rock and Life carnival

  8. ChrisR Says:

    Another potential theme idea…. how about concentrating on a particular period of Earth history?

  9. Yorrike (Chris) Says:

    I’m quite willing to host if it’s needed. I’ll throw my website to the traffic wolves. December would be best, though, since I’m pretty busy in October and November (thesis writing, research schedule and work in October, conferences in November). So that’d be TAW #4.

    I like the idea of posts regarding how the earth wants to kill us. I’ve got a life meets geology post ready to be written too, so I’m all over the ideas thrown out so far. In addition, here’s some of my own;

    Geology in the Movies: Could be tied to the misconceptions theme. You could write about Deep Impact, Volcano, The Core (#shudder#), The Day After Tomorrow, planets exploding in Star Wars, etc, and point out just how wrong they are and why.

    Living in the past; Write about how different life would be you we were living where you are now, but 1, 10 and 100 million years ago. I think it’d be a good way to give a perspective on how “quickly” and how dramatically things can change.

    My Pet Rock: We’ve all got a favourite rock or mineral. Why is it interesting, how does it form, and where does it occur on Earth?

    Great Debates in Geology: We all seem to be involved in some form of research, or at least most of us have been at some point. Give a basic outline of one major debates in geology where you’ve got some insight into the fors and against from all sides of the debate.

  10. GeologyJoe Says:

    I’d vote for the “pick and area/region” idea. Everyone of us has a focus and it could be cool to spread info on areas we would otherwise never get to see or learn about.

  11. kevin z Says:

    I love all those themes! Especially My Pet Rock and great Debates in Geology.

  12. yami Says:

    If the deadline for this one is Oct 7 instead of Oct 1 I’ll be much more likely to write something. And I’m hosting Scientiae in November, but I could take January. Some theme ideas:

    Alternate Geological Universes – what would our (individual) research look like if we (collective) hadn’t figured out plate tectonics? What if the initial amounts of key constituents of the solar system (e.g., 26Al) had been slightly different? What if we didn’t have beer at conferences?

    Famous Figures – write about a graph or photo you’ve seen/used a lot.

    Dumb Analogy Contest. Whoever submits the best educational use of an off-the-wall analogy wins.

    Spontaneous Moments of Outreach – stories and advice.

    I really like the idea of a doom’n’gloom theme.

  13. ChrisR Says:

    So at the risk of seeming bossy and organised, this is what we have so far?

    October 7: Kim – Theme TBA
    November: Kevin Z – Geology and Life
    December: Yorricke/Chris – Theme TBA
    January: Yami – Theme TBA

  14. BrianR Says:

    organization is good…

    I’d be into the hazards theme for the next one

  15. Kim Says:

    I think that February would be a good time to do the geology and the movies theme – the media will be going crazy with Oscar stuff, so we could talk about classics like The Core.

    And I’m all for doing the death & destruction one for October.

  16. kevin z Says:

    Oops, one of the carnivals I thought I was hosting oct. 1st, is actually nov. 1st. So I can either switch with Yorrike/Chris for December or host the Wedge Nov. 9th.

  17. BrianR Says:

    so…if I interpret the above correctly, it seems the consensus is that Kim is hosting a hazards (death, destruction, doom ‘n’ gloom, etc.) theme for the Wedge in October?

    should we start drafting our posts?

  18. Kim Says:

    I have a suggestion.

    How about making the Wedge the 15th of each month? There are a lot of first-of-the-month carnivals, and maybe this would keep it from overlapping with so many of them.

    Also, that would give people more than one week to come up with good death & destruction posts.

  19. kevin z Says:

    Good suggestion Kim. Only the Tangled Bank is mid-month that I know of (they publish every 2 weeks).

  20. BrianR Says:

    Yeah…mid-month is a good idea…Kim, how ’bout draft a “call for submissions” post from your blog this week, and then we’ll all try and get the word out.

    Even though this site will be the archive for TAW posts…it’s great to get some traffic to your own blog as the host during the “event”.

  21. BrianR Says:

    the theme for TAW #2 is decided…go here to learn more:

  22. Lab Lemming Says:

    Can I host Feb or March?

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