Ideas for TAW #4?


use this thread to discuss ideas and organize hosting

17 Responses to “Ideas for TAW #4?”

  1. Greg Laden Says:

    Great idea for a carnival. There is an open niche here, and a need. If you are looking for a host, let me know!!!

  2. BrianR Says:

    Greg…thanks, i’m not sure who has the next one, but I think the next couple are already planned. We’ll find out soon.

  3. ChrisR Says:

    Culling from the previous ideas thread, GoodSchist Chris was down for December’s, Yami for January, and Lab Lemming was up for Feb or March – I suppose we should check whether that’s still the case. It seems fair to let the hosts pick the theme, but the following have been aired as possible suggestions.

    – Geology in the Movies

    – Living in the past; describe where you are now, but 1, 10 and 100 million years ago.

    – My Pet Rock – favorite rock/mineral, where it’s found, how it forms etc.

    – Great Debates in Geology

    – Annoying geological misconceptions

    – My favourite geological locality

    -Alternate Geological Universes – what would our (individual) research look like if we (collective) hadn’t figured out plate tectonics? What if the initial amounts of key constituents of the solar system (e.g., 26Al) had been slightly different? What if we didn’t have beer at conferences?

    – Famous Figures – write about a graph or photo you’ve seen/used a lot.

    – Dumb Analogy Contest. Whoever submits the best educational use of an off-the-wall analogy wins.

    – Spontaneous Moments of Outreach – stories and advice.

  4. Yorrike (Chris) Says:


    I’m still good for December. I’ll get a call for posts up on the 1st.
    My votes go to either “annoying geological misconceptions” or “Living in the past”

  5. Joe Says:

    I just read your last carnival as it was posted on pharyngula…I’d like to join in, if your accepting anyone.

    if so, I like the “annoying Geological Misconceptions” idea…

    or if you are still just brainstorming:

    -random geological occurances: geology that you’ve seen when you haven’t been looking for it. geology as seen next to the walmart in Cheyenne Wyoming, rocks in downtown san francisco, why the parking lot at carlsbad caverns is as interesting as the cave itself, etc…

    that always seems to spark my interest…traveling around, seeing some outcrop or geological feature and then spending the rest of the week looking online to try to figure out what I just saw.

    Anyway, I’d like to be a part of this if you are still accepting anyone. hooray for geology BLOGS!

  6. BrianR Says:

    Joe…the more the merrier…I’m glad you PZ had a link so you could find us.

  7. kevin z Says:

    I sent the link to Bora and PZ since they highlight blog carnivals. I recommend sending links to them when you get a Wedge up, it will bring in a good amount of traffic and build up a reader base. I think there addresses are on there on blogs.

    I think Great Debates in Geology would be fun!

  8. yami Says:

    Oooh, I’ve already got a post half-written about an annoying geological misconception… *bats eyelashes*

  9. Yorrike (Chris) Says:

    OK, So I’m putting the call for posts up tomorrow. And we don’t seem to have a clear consensus on a topic. Should I just pick one at random?

    (Yami, that topic, if not picked at random by me will eventually be picked, so keep that half written article handy)

  10. BrianR Says:

    yorrike … i’ll try and direct people here, but if you don’t get any feedback then you get to pick the topic … I’m not sure i’ll be participating (my defense is next week)

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  12. Ron Schott Says:


    I think Thermochronic hit on a really interesting theme in writing about rocks in your home/office collection, or Deskcrops as he coined it ( Others might prefer to call these pet rocks, but in any case they usually will have interesting stories and many folks have them.

    Could be very interesting. If you don’t choose to host this theme I’ll volunteer to do it in the next available slot.


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  14. Yorrike (Chris) Says:

    Alright. So the next topic, thanks to Ron’s rousing speech, will be “My Pet Rock”. The call for posts can be found here:

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  17. Lab Lemming Says:

    Feb should be good for me, +/-0.4 million years.

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