REMINDER: The Accretionary Wedge #4 posts are due on Saturday



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goodSchist is hosting AW episode 4. This month’s theme is “My Pet Rock”.

As was decided by no majority at all on the discussion thread, the 4th installment of The Accretionary Wedge geology blog carnival will be “My Pet Rock”. As Ron Schott put it;

I think Thermochronic hit on a really interesting theme in writing about rocks in your home/office collection, or Deskcrops as he coined it ( Others might prefer to call these pet rocks, but in any case they usually will have interesting stories and many folks have them.
Could be very interesting.

Could be very interesting indeed. So, as geologists with large rock collections, tell us about your favourite sample. Why is it interesting? Where did it come from? What’s its history? The most difficult part maybe choosing just one, so don’t feel limited. Give us the run down on as many of your favourite deskcrops as you like.

Please email your submissions to Chris (yorrike {at} gmail {.} com – with the ” {at} ” replaced with an @, and the ” {.} ” replaced with a simple .), with the words “accretionary wedge” in the subject, before the following deadline:

01:00 December 14th EST (New York)
04:00 December 14th PST (Los Angeles)
12:00 December 14th GMT
23:00 December 14th PST (Sydney)


One Response to “REMINDER: The Accretionary Wedge #4 posts are due on Saturday”

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