Ideas for TAW #6?


UPDATE! Instead of this thread use the newly-created static page on this site called “Who’s hosting the next Accretionary Wedge?”

It is at the top of the sidebar or click here.

Hopefully that will be less confusing of who is hosting and what the topic will be.


9 Responses to “Ideas for TAW #6?”

  1. Garry Hayes Says:

    I have seen some good ideas from previous months of posts like this. On the previously mentioned topic of geology in the movies, maybe most egregious mistakes (maybe too easy), or best depictions of geologists (maybe slim pickings).

  2. Julian Says:

    I definitely second the proposal on Geology In The Movies, both good and bad.

  3. Tuff Cookie Says:

    I third!

    And (oh, man, why am I even thinking about this) I could maybe possibly be the next one to host…if no one else is up next….

  4. Ideas for next The Accretionary Wedge « Clastic Detritus Says:

    […] over to this post at the TAW archive site to discuss ideas and who’s […]

  5. Ron Schott Says:


    I think it’s great to discuss topics here, but I find it really hard to easily track down who’s previously spoken for future hosting spots and topics. Would you set up a static page (updated as necessary) dedicated to a list of future hosts and topics? I’d like to speak for July (if it’s not already spoken for) with a general topic of Field Geology (may be refined, as necessary). And while I can’t guarantee hosting it forever, I’d be willing to consider hosting this on an annual basis each July, if that doesn’t defeat the purpose of rotating hosting. I would envision variations on the theme each July, such as Field Camp Geology, Local Field Trips, Field Horror Stories, Most Exotic Field Locations, etc.


  6. BrianR Says:


    Good idea…I’ll make a static page on this site of the topic and hosts for all TAWs.

  7. BrianR Says:

    Okay y’all … check out the page called “Who’s hosting the next Accretionary Wedge?”. You might have to click on the header above to go back to the main page and it will be listed under “pages”.

    It’s extremely simple … month, host, and topic.

    Use that thread to sign up for a month and discuss topics.

    Lab Lemming said he’d host Feb, so i’ll put Tuff Cookie down for March.

  8. joe Says:

    what about “How I got into geology”? why did you choose to stay in academics vs. working privately for a living? Why did you get into geology? How did you end up where you currently are? What is your current geological interest, and is it the same interest that got you interested in geology to begin with? what is one thing you do in your life that has NOTHING to do with geology?

    I think it’d be interesting to learn more about the people that post on the blogroll, geologically speaking. plus, I think it might highlight how diverse interests are. I always like finding out that there are truly people that just exist in the world that like geology…and that they are more dynamic and interesting than JUST their interest in geology.

    I don’t want to be “that guy”, but geology in the movies is a little cliche…science crap is rampant, and It’d be boring to see 5 reviews of “Dante’s Peak”. THere’s lots of great bloggers on this blogroll, and it’d suck to see the talent wasted re-hashing some bullshit about hollywood’s continued crapfest…

    oh, and I also like Ron’s Idea of field camp. Field Camp is/was an awesome experience…I’m sure there’s tons of great stories that everyone has.

  9. BrianR Says:

    Joe … check out Accretionary Wedge #1 on this site for a similar topic to what you’re asking about

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