Call for Submissions: June Accretionary Wedge!


Yes folks, we’re back!  Let’s do a Time Warp!  The description may be a bit verbose, but I hope this is a fun one. 

I’d also like to take a moment to ask all the geobloggers out there (and there’s a lot of you follks) to come up with interesting AW topics that you’d like to host.  Convention seems to be that if you’d like to host an edition, leave a comment here.  Kim, Chris and I are helping BrianR get the melange activated, but we need your help and participation too.


One Response to “Call for Submissions: June Accretionary Wedge!”

  1. Marjorie Ratner Says:

    Develop what happened/will happen when/as the the triple junction off California’s coast continues to develop. The meeting of the northenrn end of the San Andreas stresses the Pacific Plate, the Juan de Fuca, and the North American. Whose at fault?

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