Next Up


We got a couple of host volunteers from a gloomy but hopeful post back in early February.  I just dropped a message with the first volunteer to confirm that he has time to host at the end of the month.  If things have become temporally cramped for him (He’ll be gone in April), we’ll just host it here on site- another thing we haven’t done before.

“The subject: What am I working on now?” and the deadline is scheduled for March 26.  Consider this a heads-up, not a full announcement; when I find out just where this AW will be hosted, I’ll let you know where to send your post links.

And Callan, would April work for you, or would you prefer some other time?

And as always, if you’d like to host, I’m not adverse to begging.  Leave comments here.


2 Responses to “Next Up”

  1. Lost Geologist Says:

    You should make this heads-up more visible. I only noticed it today because I wondered what’s happening with the Wedge.

  2. ed Says:

    I will host the next AW

    What are you working on right now
    due march 26
    at geology happens

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