Call For Posts, AW #24: Geological Heroes


Geological heroes: call for posts

Posted on April 1, 2010 by Callan Bentley

Ed at Geology Happens recently hosted the twenty-third edition of the geoblog carnival The Accretionary Wedge.

I’ve volunteered to host the next edition, and I’ve chosen “heroes” as the theme.

I invite all participants (geobloggers and geoblog readers alike) to contribute stories of their heroes. It’s time to pay tribute to the extraordinary individuals who helped make your life, your science, and your planet better than they would otherwise have been.

The deadline for submission of posts will be Friday, April 23.

Once you’ve published your piece, leave a link to it in the comments below this post. On the weekend of April 24-25, I’ll aggregate all the submissions into a thoughtfully-composed masterpiece post and put it up for everyone to savor. Thanks in advance for your participation.

If you’re a geoblog reader, but not a geoblogger yet yourself, then I’ll be happy to publish your story here. We all have heroes worthy of sharing, right?

(Cross posted from Mountain Beltway)


2 Responses to “Call For Posts, AW #24: Geological Heroes”

  1. John McCarthy Says:

    A different subject. An oil painting entitled “The Young Initiates” by Ian Stimson. A stylised group of Aborigine dancers. Deep red tones.

    We are interested to know if you are the painter – and if you have painted other works of this kind. Not that we are in the market for more just now but our family are interested and we should be obliged if you could inform us.

    John and Peggy McCarthy

  2. lockwooddewitt Says:

    Ian’s blog is here:
    I doubt he’ll see this comment at this post. Good luck!

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