Call for Posts, AW 27: Important Geological Experiences


I’ll go ahead and pick up the ball for the next Accretionary Wedge, and after thinking about it for a bit, the topic I settled on is “What is the most important geological experience you’ve had?”  The key word there is “important,” and the real task is going to be figuring out what that means for you.  It may (or may not) be something that led you to the discipline (Note that August 2009’s AW was “Inspiration,” what inspired us to get into geology, and this isn’t really intended to be a repeat of that, though for some, it might be.), or a class, or a work experience, or a field experience.  It might have been a puzzle or problem solved, or job landed, a degree completed.  Perhaps it was something else entirely.  It could have been an awful, disastrous experience from which you learned an important lesson. Maybe it’s still in your future- something you’re looking forward to.  Additionally, explain why it was important.  Was it something you’d recommend to others?

I’d like to get this up by the end of the month, which I think falls on a Thursday.  So let’s aim at getting submissions by Monday, Sept. 27- though as usual, late submissions will likely get picked up and rolled in at some point.  Have fun, and I hope to hear from you.  Leave links to posts either here or at my home blog, Outside the Interzone, where this will soon be cross-posted.

And of course, if you have an idea for a wedge and/or would like to host, October and later are open for volunteers!

18 Responses to “Call for Posts, AW 27: Important Geological Experiences”

  1. Matt Says:

    Any interest in a “Desk-crop” theme? A neat rock “on your desk” with pictures and a story behind it…

  2. lockwooddewitt Says:

    Matt- sounds like an interesting one to me. When would you like to do it?

  3. Matt Says:

    If nobody has anything planned, I could do October. Otherwise, Nov/Dec would be fine.

  4. lockwooddewitt Says:

    October sounds good. Put up a call for posts whenever you like, and I’ll pass it on here, at my home blog and twitter. Aim at mid to late October for deadline, but the timing is really up to you and the constraints of your schedule. Thanks for the idea and for hosting!

  5. Matt Says:

    I’ve put a quick preliminary note about AW28 up (I figure I’ll get things started early).

  6. Flood! In the middle of Australia’s Outback?! | Highly Allochthonous Says:

    […] question, the most important geologic experiences in my career have been floods. I grew up on the Upper Mississippi River in southern Minnesota and […]

  7. Michael Says:

    here’s my contribution:

  8. planelight Says:

    here’s my contribution (first time!):

  9. Sam Says:

    Here is Sam’s contribution

  10. Tuff Cookie Says:

    My philosophy of geologic (and other) life, derived from my most important geologic experience:

  11. Cian Says:

    My first Accretionary Wedge! Important Geological Experience: Know Your Tools

  12. Important Geological Experience: Know Your Tools | Point Source Says:

    […] current Accretionary Wedge made me wonder: what qualifies as an important geological experience? My days in the field, hauling […]

  13. Callan Bentley Says:

    Here’s my contribution:

  14. Matt Says:

  15. Kyle House Says:

    Better nearly late than never, right?

  16. Of Honest Teachers And Precious Rock Hammers » Maitri's VatulBlog Says:

    […] month’s Accretionary Wedge geology blog carnival. Almost forgot about it. Topic: “What is the most important geological experience you’ve […]

  17. Maitri Says:

    Here’s my entry:
    Of Honest Teachers And Precious Rock Hammers

  18. In the Delivery Room » Ron Schott's Geology Home Companion Blog Says:

    […] And yet, choose I must, because September is nearly done and I’ve missed yet another Accretionary Wedge deadline. […]

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