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Hi there,

The Accretionary Wedge has seen a resurgence of activity lately, and we’ve had three Wedges crammed into two months. But who’s on deck to host the next one?

#33 – April – John Van Hoesen of Geologic Musings in the Taconic Mountains hosts. He asks, “How much or what kind of ‘geology’ have you incorporated into you home / living space?”

#34 – May – Dana Hunter of En Tequila Es Verdad hosts. The theme is “Weird Geology.”

#35 – June – Evelyn Mervine of Georneys hosts. The theme is “my favorite geology word.”

#36 – July – “Ontherocks” of Geosciblog-science hosts. The question is: “What past mineral/fossil locality have you regretted not collecting more specimens from?”

Let’s hear from you, especially if you haven’t hosted before, or if you haven’t participated in a while. Come up with a theme, and then put it out there on your blog (leave a link here), and see what sort of cool stuff you inspire in your geoblogging peers. Who’s in? What are your proposals? Leave a note in the comments on this post — I’ll update the post with volunteer hosts and topics as they come in.

21 Responses to “Who’s next?”

  1. Evelyn Says:

    Not sure if this has been done before, but what about “When did you decide you wanted to become a geologist? What inspired you to become a geologist?”

    Another idea, a little bit stranger: “Did you ever have a pet rock as a child (or adult)?”

    I will be in South Africa for part of April, but I’d be happy to take any of the other months.

  2. Evelyn Says:

    I guess “pet rock” has already been done :-).

    Has “favorite geology word” been done? I can gather inspiration for my geology word of the week series.

  3. Evelyn Says:

    I’ll still be in South Africa the first few days of May, so how about June?

  4. Dana Hunter Says:

    I’ll take on May – let’s have a “Weird Geology” theme, then, shall we? En Tequila Es Verdad

  5. ontherocks Says:

    How about “What past mineral/fossil locality have you regretted not collecting more specimens from?” Either because now you don’t have time to revisit the locality or because it has been destroyed.

  6. John Van Hoesen Says:

    Callan – I haven’t hosted in awhile. Happy to take on April… Not sure if it has been asked yet but how about: “How much or what kind of ‘geology, have you incorporated into you home / living space?”

  7. Jim Lehane Says:

    This sounds great, I’m glad we have a lot of newbies joining into the fray.

  8. Ann Says:

    I was catching up on my blog viewing and realize Dana has the call for post out for AW-34 on weird geology @ http://entequilaesverdad.blogspot.com/2011/05/accretionary-wedge-34-call-for-posts.html

  9. John Van Hoesen Says:

    Following Evelyn’s post about our ‘favorite’ word, what about the term or concept that peeves us the most? 🙂

  10. ontherocks Says:


    I am ready, so please send your submissions to the above link. I would prefer to receive submissions by July 16 or so.

    The subject is “what we regret leaving behind.” In other words, in your geo-pasts, what speciments – fossils, minerals, rocks, even photographs – from a particular site of interest do you regret “not getting enough of”?

  11. Jessica Ball Says:

    Considering the not-so-successful summer I’ve had in terms of research, here’s a topic idea:

    When has your research/work NOT gone well – and what did you do to recover from it? Not so much a Wedge about horror stories as one about how to get past rough spots in your work. (Rethinking an approach, changing it entirely, etc.)

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