AW#33 Call for posts


I’ve always wondered how crazy other geologists have gone with incorporating geology into their homes, offices, gardens, etc. I know we all have a mini rock collection on the shelf, or a rock holding open a door but I’m thinking bigger. For example, I haven’t done it yet but when I build the next house, all the window sills will be made out of slate. Share your stories, descriptions, photos of your current or past geology-related embellishments and I’ll summarize.

The deadline for this is April 17th, I’ll summarize on the 18th. Please post your contributions in the comment section, thanks!

Cross posted from Geological Musings in the Taconic Mountains.

2 Responses to “AW#33 Call for posts”

  1. ontherocks Says:

    Here is my contribution to AW #33. Though I hate having to pay property taxes on 1 and 1/2 acres in this town, puttering around in the yard – working on these and other “rock projects” – is my way of relaxing.

  2. Suresh Babu Gaddam Says:

    Suresh Babu Gaddam

    AW#33 Call for posts | The Accretionary Wedge

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