Call for Posts, AW #36


“What do you regret leaving behind at a geological locality?” In other words, what samples, specimens, or even photographs do you regret “not getting enough of”?

Read the full description at Geosciblog- Science; deadline is ~July 16.

2 Responses to “Call for Posts, AW #36”

  1. on-the-rocks Says:

    A suggestion for a future Accretionary Wedge,…

    “What is the oldest specimen in your personal collection?”.

    Not meaning anything Precambrian, but what is the earliest sample given to you or purchased somewhere – that you have managed not to lose along the way, during numerous moves?

    I have a specimen, given to me by one of my Dad’s friends in the middle 1960’s, when I was a kid. Will save the description, in case someone hosts this subject.

  2. on-the-rocks Says:

    AW #36 is now posted.

    I will still take contributions for another day or so. Monday will be real busy, though.

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