Call for Posts, AW #37: Sexy Geology


This month’s Accretionary Wedge asks the titillating question, “What is ‘Sexy?'”  Hint: we’re not talking Victoria’s Secret.

I mean geology that makes your heart race, your pupils dilate. Rocks and exposures that make you feel woozy and warm. Structures and concepts that make your skin alternately sweaty and covered with goosebumps. Places you’ve visited, read about, or seen photos of that make you feel weak-kneed, and induce a pit in your stomach.

Click over to read the full description of what this month’s topic is (and is not) meant to entail. If you have a post to submit, please leave a comment and link either here or at the original call for submissions, so I can find it when I go to assemble this edition.


3 Responses to “Call for Posts, AW #37: Sexy Geology”

  1. Geology Melange Says:

    My Contribution!

    An Alluring Glow

  2. The White Desert, Accretionary Wedge #37 | GeoSelim Says:

    […] post submitted to Accretionary Wedge #37 hosted by Lockwood DeWitt, for details and other geobloggers posts visit Outside The Interzone: […]

  3. Ann Says:

    Here’s mine in case you didn’t get it at ‘Outside the interzone’

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