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AW #26: The Role of the Geosphere

July 30, 2010

It’s up at History of Geology!  Thanks Dave; this has made for some fascinating reading and thinking, and I’m betting it will spur much ongoing discussion.  As much has been said to this point, there’s still plenty to say.  So head over and be prepared to spend plenty of time chewing over the tremendously diverse and meaty thoughts that Dave has compiled.


Call For Posts: Accretionary Wedge #26

July 9, 2010

Dave Bressan (History of Geology and Cryology and Co.) and Michael Welland (Through the Sandglass) have put out a call for posts for the July Accretionary Wedge.  The introspective topic this month is the role of the geoblogosphere in geology:

The Geoblogosphere comprises and gathers every day the newest articles from more then 200 blogs (and still counting) dealing with the most various earth related themes, ranging from geological excursions, sharing field experiences, philosophizing about earth sciences, life and art, media coverage and daily rock encounters to discussion of the newest scientific discoveries on this planet and others. So philosophizing around (geo)blogging with Dr. Welland many questions raised:

– like how bloggeology can “impact” society and “real geology,” should and can we promote the “geoblogosphere,” and are blogs private “business” or public affairs, and institutions underevaluating the possibilities given by this new method of communication?

Taking the liberty of paraphrasing, I interpret this to be asking what role the geoblogosphere should play going forward.  Should it have a role in disseminating research?  Should geoblogging be factored into academic- or business- employees’ evaluations?  Can, and how should, the expertise and enthusiasm of  geobloggers be harnessed to effectively reach and educate the broader public?  In short (again, as I interpret the issue), what do you see as the purpose of geoblogging and the geoblogosphere?

This promises to be a very interesting question to address, and I expect a tremendous diversity of opinion.  Please take some time to offer yours.  The deadline is July 29.

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Geology: An Illustrated Glossary

June 2, 2010

The new accretionary wedge is up over at Highly Allochthonous, and, oh my goodness! It’s a great one! Many, many particpants, and glorious photos and images. Many of these I’ve seen as submissions came in over the last few weeks, but quite a few are new to me. If you like nice pictures of our planet, this is a don’t miss edition.

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Just A Friendly Reminder…

May 26, 2010

The deadline for submissions to this month’s Accretionary Wedge, Geo-Image Bonanza, is this coming Friday.  Submit a link at the call for submissions at Highly Allochthonous.  And it is a friendly reminder, you know.  Nice internet you have there… it’d be a shame if something happened to it.

New Accretionary Wedge at Highly Allochthonous

May 7, 2010

You know you’re a geo-nerd when you can spell “allochthonous” correctly without double checking (but misspell “correctly” on your first try). Anne and Chris will be hosting the next AW, with the theme of a “Geo-Image Bonanza!”

It could be a photograph you’ve taken of an outcrop or process in action; a diagram from a classic geologic paper or text book; a satellite image of an incredible landscape; an optical microscope picture of your favorite mineral; something topical, or an old and inspirational favorite. Whatever strikes your fancy. You might consider writing a little about what your chosen images shows or why you chose it, but wordless entries are OK too. We’re also OK with recycled submissions if you’ve got a post in your archives that fits the carnival theme.

The deadline for submission of posts will be Friday, May 28. To submit your entry, leave a link to in the comments section here or at the Accretionary Wedge blog. We encourage our non-blogging readers to contribute their favorite images as well: we’ll be happy to publish your image here.

Some things I’d like to emphasize here are 1) you do not need to be a geologist; 2) you do not need to be a blogger; 3) it probably is necessary for you to have web access; and 4) it would definitely be a good thing if you understand that everyone here in the geoblogosphere loves them some pretty pictures of… well… pretty much everything geoscience-related. So send some!

The deadline is Friday, May 28th. I know that for me, the issue is going to be limiting the size of my submission, not finding good material. (Cross-posted at the Outside The Interzone)

Call For Posts, AW #24: Geological Heroes

April 1, 2010

Geological heroes: call for posts

Posted on April 1, 2010 by Callan Bentley

Ed at Geology Happens recently hosted the twenty-third edition of the geoblog carnival The Accretionary Wedge.

I’ve volunteered to host the next edition, and I’ve chosen “heroes” as the theme.

I invite all participants (geobloggers and geoblog readers alike) to contribute stories of their heroes. It’s time to pay tribute to the extraordinary individuals who helped make your life, your science, and your planet better than they would otherwise have been.

The deadline for submission of posts will be Friday, April 23.

Once you’ve published your piece, leave a link to it in the comments below this post. On the weekend of April 24-25, I’ll aggregate all the submissions into a thoughtfully-composed masterpiece post and put it up for everyone to savor. Thanks in advance for your participation.

If you’re a geoblog reader, but not a geoblogger yet yourself, then I’ll be happy to publish your story here. We all have heroes worthy of sharing, right?

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AW #23 is What We’re Up To

March 29, 2010

Ed at Geology Happens has posted AW 23, “Busy People.”  He’s done a great job with a great turn out.  My thanks to all who sent in posts and links, and especially to Ed!

Deadline Reminder

March 26, 2010

Just a reminder: today is the deadline for the current AW.  If you don’t have time to write anything up, could you find an older post that describes some of your interests and/or work?  Leave a link at the call for posts at Geology Happens.  The description of this month’s topic is as follows:

This AW is to share your latest discovery with all of us. Please let us in on your thoughts about your current work. What you are finding, what you are looking for. Any problems? Anything working out well?

Call For Next AW, #23

March 19, 2010

Geology Happens has posted a call for the next AW:

This AW is to share your latest discovery with all of us. Please let us in on your thoughts about your current work. What you are finding, what you are looking for. Any problems? Anything working out well?

Click over to read the full description, and leave links to your posts in the comments.  He has put a deadline of March 26- next Friday- on this one.  Ready… Set… GO!

Next Up

March 2, 2010

We got a couple of host volunteers from a gloomy but hopeful post back in early February.  I just dropped a message with the first volunteer to confirm that he has time to host at the end of the month.  If things have become temporally cramped for him (He’ll be gone in April), we’ll just host it here on site- another thing we haven’t done before.

“The subject: What am I working on now?” and the deadline is scheduled for March 26.  Consider this a heads-up, not a full announcement; when I find out just where this AW will be hosted, I’ll let you know where to send your post links.

And Callan, would April work for you, or would you prefer some other time?

And as always, if you’d like to host, I’m not adverse to begging.  Leave comments here.