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The Accretionary Wedge #5: Geological Misconceptions and Pie

January 23, 2008

Below is the January 2008 edition of The Accretionary Wedge. It was hosted on Green Gabbro. Check it out and the comments here.


Happy National Pie Day, and welcome to the fifth edition of the Accretionary Wedge, the Internet’s premier blog carnival for the earth sciences! First, I have some news for you. Make sure you’re sitting down before you read this:

In other news, Mel discusses a test designed to expose students’ geological misconceptions – and why it might not always work. Saxifraga talks about what glaciers actually do – “The moraine five kilometers in front of the modern glacier margin is not a sad sign of the ice retreat, but a sign of a not climate related natural phenomenon called glacier surge and the retreat from the Little Ice Age moraine is partly an adaptation to warming over the past 100 years.”

In honor of National Pie Day, Callan Bentley shares his favorite baked-goods teaching analogies – but he hasn’t thought of any pielike concepts in geology, maybe you can help? Brian objects to the “layer cake” analogy, suggesting that perhaps we should use lentils instead. Lentils? I guess I’ve seen recipes for lentil shepherd’s pie…

Finally, Lab Lemming has a delicious rocky planet pie chart, and by “delicious” I mean “my dentist told me only to eat gas giant pie charts”.