The Accretionary Wedge is a geology blog carnival that was started in August 2007. The initial suggestion and then ideas from numerous geobloggers that followed can be seen on these posts at Clastic Detritus. Over 40 comments in all.

Ideas for a geology blog carnival (Aug. 21st, 2007)

Calling all geobloggers!! (Aug. 25th, 2007)

A call for posts for the inaugural edition of The Accretionary Wedge: Why do you study geology? (Aug. 28th, 2007)


4 Responses to “History”

  1. Wayne Ranney Says:

    This sounds like a great idea! I have a geology blog too and would like to be one of the contributors. My blog is: http://earthly-musings.blogspot.com I am a geology lecturer who teaches part time, leads backbacks within the Grand Canyon, and accompanies internation expeditions around the world. Thank you.

  2. BrianR Says:

    Wayne…keep an eye on this site for “calls for posts” for future carnivals. They are typically due around the 15th of each month. When the next one comes out, you simply e-mail the host for that month the link to your post and they compile them.

    If you’d like to host a carnival, also keep an eye on this site for discussions of organizing. I think the next couple (January and February 2008) are already taken.

  3. Sally Says:

    Hi– just thought you might tell your geobloggers about the Nature Blog Network (geology is still part of nature, right?) — I noticed today that they have a category called “Rocks and Minerals” that only has one blog listed. Signing up might be a way for you all to find a new audience!

    Anyway, I’m enjoying the Wedge and will plan to spend more time with these great geobloggers! Thanks!

  4. Sally Says:

    BTW– Thanks for capitalizing Earth!

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