Accretionary Wedge #41: Most Memorable/Significant Geologic Event That You’ve Directly Experienced


In lieu of a full writeup, here’s a list of the ~40 entries received:

Callan Bentley – Mineral, Virginia quake
Callan Bentley – Avalanche in Argentina
Camilo – Maule, Chile Mw 8.8 Quake
Cole G. Kingsbury – Nisqually Earthquake
Jory – Loma Prieta, Nisqually, Mount St. Helens
on-the-rocks – Flash Flood in New Mexico
Hollis – Continental Collision
Michael Welland – Sandstorm
Simon Wellings – lack of imagination
Dana Hunter – M4.6 Washington quake, 2009
Jessica Ball – Strombolian eruption
Ed @ Geology Happens – flash flood slot canyon
Garry Hayes – Hawaiian lava bench collapse
Lynn David – Old Faithful geyser eruption
John A. Stevenson – Colima Lahars
Gareth Fabbro – lack of imagination
Tannis McCartney – New Zealand quake
A Life Long Scholar – subduction zone processes
Andrew Alden – California quake
Siim Sepp – rockfall
Silver Fox – Hawaiian lava flow
Ann – quake/flood/tornado
David Bressan – Alpine glaciers
blindboy – tsunami
Denise @ life as a geologist – rockfall
Brian Romans – weathering/erosion at Bryce
Bernhardt Saini-Eidukat – Etna eruption
Cat @ Knowledge Flocs – rainfall in a desert
Tisha Irwin – quakes/erosion in Zion NP
Matt Herod – mudflow
Chris Rowan – England quake
Ron Schott – landslide/rotational slumps
Julian Lozos – Baja quake
Anne Jefferson – flood in a desert
Ian Saginor – nighttime volcanic eruption
Short Geologist – quake
John Van Hoesen – Hawaiian lava delta/ocean entry
Charles Carrigan – Mount St. Helens ashfall
Helena Mallonee – quake
Helena Mallonee – It’s a Branch, It’s a Pothole – no, it’s an Earthquake!
Andrew Alden – The Day I Watched California Shaking


2 Responses to “Accretionary Wedge #41: Most Memorable/Significant Geologic Event That You’ve Directly Experienced”

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  2. Andrew McNown Says:

    Debris flow cutting of our access to a field site in north central WA.

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