AW #27 Is Up, AW #28 Call for Posts Issued


Wedge 27, “Important Geological Experiences,” is up at Outside the Interzone.

Also, though I forgot to note the AW #28 Call for Posts in as prompt a manner as I should have, there’s still plenty of time.  Matt at Research at a Snail’s Pace has kindly offered to host a wedge on the theme of deskcrops.

October’s theme is going to be “Desk-crops.” This can be any rock or other geological* specimen that you have lying around your office/desk/lab that has a story to tell. The spookier the better. Photos and/or illustrations are very important (although not absolutely required). This is taken directly from Ron Schott’sdeskrcop series” of his rocks and such – great examples of what I had in mind with the theme (but not the only way to skin this horse).

The deadline is Friday, October 29… so find your spookiest paperweights in time for Halloween.

One Response to “AW #27 Is Up, AW #28 Call for Posts Issued”

  1. Matt Says:

    Hi everyone,
    Just a reminder – get your posts to me this week!

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